Produce Packing Equipment

Web Washer

24" wide x 10' long
Vari speed
Has been used as Hydro cooler
Clean water rinse on end
Inlet opening 24" wide
18" high
with 16" of clearance
Price $4100 

Barrel Washer

For Root crops
Vari -Speed
8'x30" barrel
Clear plastic barrel
Price $4100 

Box Dumper

25 bu capacity
Max 2000lbs
220v single phase
Price $4200

Belt Conveyer

Stainless Steel

24" x 10'

110 volt

tag # 6259   price $2275

Stainless Soak Tank

Stainless Soak Tank with Variable speed 

 13' long , 64" wide , 2' deep , 32" wide belt

Vari Speed belt

Web Washer High Pressure

Stainless steel 

24"x 10' mess chain, has flood wash with high pressure rinse.

Can wash bunches , hand totes....

price $6000 for stainless

$5300 for plain steel

Web Washer High Pressure

Here is a picture of the inside of the washer. 

In background you can see the main flood 

rinse.  And in the foreground  the high pressure nozzles 

Web Washer High Pressure

Here is a picture with the conveyor up to clean out the water tank. 

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Produce Packing Brush Washer

This 10 brush washer comes with either soft or stiff brushes.

Great for washing from potatos to summer squash 

Can get all stainless steel .

Feed in Belt

This hooks to the washer for a feed into the washer

4' long

Spounge Absorber

This hooks to the washer to help dry the crop coming out of the washer.

5' Round Packing Table

Used for people to pack off from.