We specialize in vegetable equipment sales and farm equipment sales. Additionally, we salvage antique farm tractors, farm equipment, and hard-to-find equipment parts.
The Eco Weeder is a valuable asset for organic as well as conventional farms. We offer weeders in various sizes to fit your specific needs and will enable you to save time and money. 

Eco Weeder I

                    The Eco Weeder I is ideal for farms that have limited man power.
                                ~It replaces up to 8 workers in the field
                                ~ Can cover up to 6 acres a day depending on what crop you grow

Eco Weeder II

             This machine will be perfect for you if you have two (2) rows underneath  your tractor, the Eco Weeder II works on rows from 30 to 40 inches, center  to center. With special optional discs, it will weed alongside plastic mulch, allowing you to weed the 4" to 6" band alongside the plastic that a standard cultivator can't reach. Ideal for organic growers.
             ~replace up to 16 workers in the field
             ~cover up to 12 acres a day depending on what crop you grow

Multiple Row Unit
For the Big Time Operation

              The multiple row weeder will allow you to cover large surfaces. The fully adjustable units will easily adapt to your type of crop, reducing man power and weeding time, so you can save money.
           ~available in 3, 6 or 8 rows
           ~replace from 24 to 50 workers
           ~cover up to 30 acres a day depending on what crop you grow


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